Last week, we learned about mermaid tails that are tailored to the wearer and actually function underwater. This week, we discover TellTails, a UK company manufacturing all manner of tails: squirrels, foxes, lemurs (we suppose cats and dogs got too mainstream). Available online at Kigu–“home to the best animal costumes this side of Japan”–we’re presented with a dubious pitch:

The Fox Tail by TellTails is luxuriously bushy and soft to the touch. Ideal for distinguished gents and ladies alike, it really does look smashing under a smart jacket. Having said that, stick it on with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and you’ll look pretty dapper too! It attaches to the body with a comfortable, elasticated waistband.

As for TellTails itself, we learn they “make by far the finest tails for bipeds in the UK, if not the world. Their handmade tails are unrivaled in design and quality.” The tails retail for £25.00-30.00 (and £30.00 is pretty tempting for the dinosaur tail).

Of course, humans wearing animal tails is nothing new: furries, anime kids and garden variety dorks have been doing it for awhile. We’re just surprised to see new school styling suggestions like “[looks] smashing under a smart jacket.”

(via Styleite)