Mitt Romney is on a desperate mission to save his flailing campaign after the apocalyptic fuck-up that was the Mother Jones leak. So, he did what any alien sent to earth to become a Brook Brothers model would do: he went on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael (?) and brought along his expert humanizing device, wife Ann Romney. Predictably, Mitt opened by talking about how many people are out of work (so many! not that you actually care, though) and claimed he wanted to become President to help the 47 million people on food stamps. Can we get a gif for that? Sí, se puede:

Now, the reason we’re bringing up this callously insincere rescue mission on a show we don’t watch is Ann Romeny’s outfit. Ann’s style has been inconsistent to unremarkable since her time in the spotlight, as if she’s trying to figure out how a first lady should dress (understandable!). We thought she looked nice enough at the RNC in her red Oscar de la Renta, but also kind of stiff. Basically, we’re all for the idea of her getting out of her “fitted shirt dress in a solid color” comfort zone and into some floral prints.

Just not these. Anything but these:

Do you want to get closer?


This dress is awful. We couldn’t help but think she was trying to capture a little bit of Kate Middleton‘s recent Prabal Gurung magic, only it went horribly, blindingly wrong. This is not a dress for an aspiring first lady, this is a beach cover up from the Chico’s Long Island collection.

But, here, we’re a democratic organization:

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UPDATE: This was taped a few days before the Mother Jones leak which is oddly prescient, considering the talking points. Oh well. The dress is still hideous.