Anna Dello Russo Milan Fashion Week

Fashion maniac Anna Dello Russo–currently dominating street style blogs what with it being fashion month and all–just gave a rather illuminating interview about her famed wardrobe to the Daily Telegraph.

When asked about her rise to street style ubiquity, Dello Russo explained that it was symptomatic of needing to express herself:

“I felt like a mouse, always — but especially in front of someone like Cindy Crawford. Now? In a way it is like a revenge. To not feel like Cinderella before the party any more. To feel beautiful.”

Fair! Later, on the subject of street style becoming a legitimate organism in the fashion ecosystem, she says:

“It is like the revenge of the invisible people. Fashion has been like an iceberg for years – only the tip of it was visible — but now all the people you couldn’t see before are as easy to see as anyone. We can all be great stars.”

Elsewhere, she adds, “I feel like I am a new media, all by myself”

Of course, the irony here is that street style has actually just elbowed its way onto the tip of that iceberg she’s talking about. A quick perusal of street style sites shows a boatload more models, comely editors and fancy people as subjects than regular cool kids–and the mostly contrived images are just as It-item and label-focused as the industry proper.

But that’s fashion for you, we guess: taking something interesting, swallowing it whole, and regurgitating something accessible to just a few people.

…Which, in a way, is also like revenge.

(Photo via Wenn)