Vogue Japan editor and notable Crazy Fashion Person Anna Dello Russo wore an interesting choice of head gear to Carine Roitfeld’s Vampire Ball in Paris last night. It would seem she’s decided to continue the avian inspiration on display in this outfit by wearing a big, angry, red swan atop of her head. Noted for its beauty as well as its more dangerous qualities (an angry swan is somewhat terrifying), the swan is actually not a bad spirit animal for the fashion world at large. Hence, it makes sense that Russo would ask her buddy Stephen Jones to make her a hat out of just that: a pissed off looking swan with its beak open, ready to strike. Hers is an accessory that says, “Don’t fuck with me! I’m a giant scary bird! I will eat your fucking eyeballs out of your skull and then poop in the sockets! HISSSS!”

The best part, though, is the way the swan looks like it’s attacking the face of whoever dares to pose next to her:

I’d watch my back if I were you, Peter Dundas of Pucci.

(Via HuffPo)