Shelby stands by his woman.

Shelby stands by his woman.

Not too long ago there was talk of Vogue’s Anna Wintour becoming a US ambassador to the UK. Even our own Jamie Peck was all over it and thought this would be great not just for Wintour, but for America in general.

Although it’s fairly doubtful that this is actually going to happen, her boyfriend of 13 years, Shelby Bryan, had some words for those who thought the idea of Wintour having such a position was a joke:

“It’s not just Anna – I see powerful women who really get slammed for being too forthright or running their business in a very determined way.… If [former GE CEO] Jack Welch were being named as a potential ambassador, people wouldn’t be saying, ‘Oh, but hang on, Jack’s a little strict in the way he runs his companies.”


What year is this again? 2012, almost 2013? And yet strong, successful women are still being shamed for it? Aren’t there more important things we can be discussing than this shit? Either way, FOX and the rest of them can laugh at the idea all they want. Wintour is a far better businesswoman than all of them put together. Yes, that’s right. I just wrote that and I meant every word of it. Although, like I said, it’s pretty unlikely she’d be giving up her post at Vogue any time soon, because it is Vogue after all.

Via DailyUK