anna wintour ann romney

Wait, is that… right? Also, how is Anna Wintour the Queen of the Empire of Fashion?

I mean, by editing Vogue, but I would think that does not mean that you can whimsically issue bans on Ann Romney like some 80 year old billionaire matriarch whispering to the maitre d at Michael’s that Lindsay Lohan should not be allowed in. I say this like this is something I have witnessed. For the record, I never saw Brooke Astor place a Michael’s ban on Lindsay Lohan. It seems unlikely Lindsay Lohan goes to Michael’s. Pretty sure that hit was in regard to Lavo.

But! I guess Anna Wintour is issuing bans all over the place. Maybe? Maybe. According to The Daily Mail:

Some have posed the theory that Vogue’s resident DemocratMs Wintour, is silently threatening designers’ standing in her magazine should they endeavor to dress Republican presidential candidate’s wife.

Some have posed a theory that when newspapers talk about “some” posing a theory they mean “we. We are posing that theory right now. Us.” I mean, I think you should question how much you should trust The Daily Mail (answer “sort of”) but I do think that this is interesting paired with Fashionista’s note.

Fashionista says: We receive press release upon press release about Michelle’s campaign wardrobe and it’s become a major coup for a designer to dress Michelle Obama. But we’ve yet to receive one–one–about Ann Romney’s.

So. Anna Wintour. A cold despot. But we did already kind of suspect as much.

Picture via WENN and Wikipedia