That is… something no one has ever said before about Anna Wintour. Until right now! Fenton Bailey, the co-director of “In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye” says, of meeting style legend Anna Wintour:

The person we met was really unrelated to the popular myth, although she did wear Prada. We experienced someone accessible, smart and fuzzy. I kept waiting for the ice princess, but instead we got a Furby.

Huh. That is odd, because furbies are so cuddly! Or not. Jezebel offers a pretty brilliant response, saying:

Whether Wintour would take to being characterized as a Furby is debatable (she’d hate it — everyone would), but one thing is certain: Bailey’s metaphor is very revealing because Furbies, as most of us know, are horrifying toys whose wide, soulless eyes speak only of murder.

Well, I pretty much can’t compete with that, but I’m going to assume that’s what Fenton meant. Although I will say that the one time I saw Anna Wintour (long after The Devil Wears Prada) she was signing autographs for some pre-teen girls, so that seemed like pretty warm friendly behavior to me. On some level, I always think of Anna Wintour the way I think of this high school English teacher who was relentlessly tough on our class, and then one day I happened to overhear her teaching a remedial class (I evesdropped, like, I don’t know, some character in some novel, undoubtedly) and she kept stressing that the only thing that was important was that they find books that they love. It was the nicest thing I’d ever heard. Then I went to her class and she told me that I had misinterpreted all of Jane Eyre and should start my essay from scratch.

So, I think Anna Wintour is furby-like in that regard.