It’s a little terrifying to think of Anna Wintour waging a full-on war to get her way with something. One can’t help but wonder if she has secret access to elite members of the Israeli army, or possibly SEAL Team Six.

But if anyone would be able to thwart her advances, it’s Kate Middleton, who probably has this kind of thing on her syllabus at princess school. And it will soon come in handy — according to the New York Post, after Middleton turned down an offer to appear on the cover of British Vogue before her wedding, some sort of epic magazine editor battle to land the first major cover shoot with the Duchess was kicked into gear. Wintour has her laser focus aimed squarely at winning.

What does a magazine editor battle look like, you ask? Well, in addition to cutting remarks being made at opportune moments and injecting one another’s food with liquid carbohydrates, it apparently involves appealing to one’s best connected photographer, which in the case of Wintour would be Mario Testino. Testino shot Will and Kate’s engagement photos, and Wintour is hoping that he’ll be able to appeal to Kate’s sense of…what, obligation?…and get her onto the cover of U.S. Vogue.

There’s no clear winner in this competition yet, but one shudders to think what a defeated Anna Wintour would be capable of.