Anna Wintour has already gone on the record saying there’s zero chance she’d ever leave her job at Vogue to be an ambassador to her native UK or France, but that hasn’t stopped certain members of the press from razzing the Obama administration about its rumored shortlisting of her for such a position.

At a press conference yesterday, ABC’s Jake Tapper asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a series of increasingly dickish and thinly veiled questions about the qualifications of Anna Wintour to be a diplomat of any kind.

“What qualities does the president consider when he’s gonna pick an ambassador, especially to an important ally like France or the UK?” he asked at first, which Carney parried by saying he had no personnel announcements to make. Tapper followed up with the vaguely zen koan-esque “Is it important for a diplomat to be diplomatic…Even in their personal lives or pop culture?” Which Carney countered by mentioning the late great Richard Holbrooke, who could be quite prickly at times. (How does one “be diplomatic in pop culture,” anyway? By saying nice things about Justin Bieber?) “But Holbrook was a great negotiator” Tapper said (not into the mic), to which I say…and Anna Wintour isn’t? Plus, it’s not like diplomatic relations between the US and its best buddy the UK are in a particularly sticky place right now.

It was then that he got to the really important question: “Has the president seen The Devil Wears Prada?” The video cuts off at this point, so we don’t get to see Tapper yell “ANSWER THE QUESTION, DAMMIT. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW.”

By painting Anna Wintour as some sort of legendary harpy with a stupid girl job who gets dumb chick flicks made about her in which she is the villain (until the end, anyway…he obviously has not seen the whole thing, or probably any of it), he was trying to make the Obama administration look weak, feminine, frivolous, pop culture obsessed, etc. But for anyone who knows anything about what it takes to run Vogue, he only succeeded in making himself look foolish and ignorant, as well as like someone who can’t let go of yesterday’s news. (Like I said, it’s been pretty well established that this is not happening.) For his crimes, I suggest he be fired from ABC and forced to work at Vogue for a year. Maybe that would teach him some respect for the wisest, toughest, hardest working, bob rocking-est thousand-year-old vampyre in the biz.

(Via Fashionista)