Anyone currently on the fence about Anne Hathaway (or Jimmy Fallon, for that matter) just might just be won over by this amazing, musical “makeover” segment they did on Jimmy’s show this past Friday.

Jimmy recycled his famed tight pants (of his tight pants battle with Will Ferrell) for the bit, which opens with a blonde, bobbed Jimmy singing a spooky (but enticing!) offer: “let us play with your look.” Anne Hathaway then appears in her own high fashion get-up, crawling around the audience and eventually choosing one very lucky audience member with whose look they shall play. She treats him to a bit of hair styling, really jams out with her singing, and then, as quickly and curiously as it began, it’s over. Delightful!

Of course, this isn’t just funny because it’s weird. It’s funny because there are people who are really like that. I’m immediately reminded of a guy named Star who did the costumes for all of the Jewish Community Center’s theatrical productions in my hometown. He had a similar catch phrase, and was probably the first “fashion person” I ever encountered, as well as the first out and proud gay man. What he was doing costuming children at the West Hartford Jewish Community Center is probably a long, sad story, but I never learned it. Since then, I’ve encountered many people like that, but none quite as charming. Then again, it’s pretty easy to charm a seven-year-old, so who knows how cool he really was?

Anyway, I found this video amusing. Good on Anne Hathaway for not being afraid to look ridiculous in service of humor. And despite how much I hated him for cracking up and ruining all the jokes on SNL, that Jimmy Fallon is steadily gaining my favor. Maybe I like watching him on TV, after all.

(Via HuffPost)