Anne Hathaway made a somewhat rare-as-of-late red carpet appearance this weekend to promote her new movie Rio 2. While her outfit might be a bit polarizing for people who don’t recognize awesome when it slaps them in the face, I’m going to go ahead and say its one of my favorite Hathaway looks in quite some time, although her formal jumpsuit from earlier this month is a close second.


The centerpiece of her look was a vintage Chanel blouse with a print bearing the phrase “No Smoking” in multiple languages. The print is great–I especially love that it doesn’t overpower by extending over the sleeves–and the button down makes her look straight up powerful. This woman knows what she’s talking about. Put your damn cigarette out.

The black maxi skirt is a lovely supporting character, and doesn’t fight the shirt. It pairs better than what would have been my first instinct–cropped black trousers–and softens the look. The fact that it’s fairly unassuming also leaves room for a striking hair style (sans floppy ears) and bold accessories without sending us all into a visual tizzy.


Her hair is braided and lovely–it’s just intricate enough to keep us interested but not fussy. Paired with some sophisticated make up, she looks comfortable, relaxed, and elegant all at once. I’m even getting some old school Anjelica Huston vibes from this, which is synonymous with devastatingly sexy. Hats off.

The only thing I’m not 100% wild about is the choker, which feels a touch heavy with the purse. But hey–I love to have something to complain about. It makes the looks that much more interesting, and nobody ever gets it completely right (with one recent exception).

Overall, this is a great look from Hathaway, and I’m glad to see her back in business.

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images