Acceotance? NEVER! Well, at least not skinwise.

As somebody who has been applying anti-aging cream since she was 16, I would say that I have a rather intense desire to slow down the aging process. I have no qualms with the idea of getting old; that doesn’t bother me one bit… I just want my skin to stay exactly the same as I do so. Forever. Fortunately, science knows that this futile, obsessive pursuit is something people are willing to spend a ton of money on, so researchers and designers continue to shell a bunch of money into new, innovative products used to prevent or “reverse” aging. And a line called Wear Repair aims to do just that — via clothing.

The anti-aging clothing line by Cass Luxury Shapewear consists of shirts, tanks and leggings which supposedly minimize wrinkles, improve skin texture and reduce hyper-pigmentation. But how? Cass designer Susan Ledyard says that the fabric contains copper oxide which, according to the engineers at Cupron Technology who helped create Wear Repair, “stimulates the production of capillaries and collagen.” According to the Huffington Post, numerous skincare lines have been adding copper to their products, claiming that the element will help enhance your skin’s elasticity and appearance. The question remains, however: does it work in clothing? Ledyard says that participants in a 30-day trial via The Rachel Ray Show saw a “significant decrease in age spots,” so the answer is…well, maybe. Personally, I’m skeptical of most borderline gimmicky products, though this one does intrigue me more than others.

Of course, I also absolutely hate shapewear and this line veers into that potential category in appearance. But I am curious to see what other types of clothing are going to be created with skincare purposes from now on, now the the seal has apparently been broken. Deep conditioning mask jeans? Built-in anti-ingrown hair pants? Will Sephora create makeup-laden jeans with weird leopard patterns for your legs? WHO KNOWS.

Photo: Kasia Wyser-Pratte / Flickr