Since I am all about the controversial fashion statements these days, I’ll see you your romper and raise you a visible bra. I was recently re-re-watching the entire last season of Sex and the City (my husband loved this, as I’m sure you can imagine), and I noticed that in nearly every episode, Carrie is all about the underthings. And since what Carrie says goes, so go I.

In all seriousness: I think that when done right, this look is head-spinningly hot, and not trampy in the least. And it’s great for those of us who love, say, backless dresses, but do not possess the décolletage level required to emerge from the house sans brassiere. But also for serious: visible bras are a significant fashion risk, and with risks sometimes come rules. The Big Rule Of Bra-Showing: it must not – repeat, not – look like a mistake. You must own it, and you must own it big time. I want to see neon, polka dots, stripes, stars, bells and whistles. And whatever you wear over your stunning and deliberate visible bra should be sweet, light, and back-seat-taking; when the garment that cups your bosom makes an appearance, it gets star billing.

So, to review:

This is not good.

This is good.

Not good.


Got it? Good.