iPhone Launched By T-Mobile Germany

The September issue of DETAILS magazine delved onto what is supposedly a new phenomenon. Men have turned into shopaholics. Apparently, instead of a maybe a shot of whiskey, you Men would much rather go shopping for oh I don’t know, a Gucci, or an Armani.

Although DETAILS consider this news, I don’t. Actually, Men have always been shopaholics. But first, let’s define what a shopaholic is. To me, it’s anyone who likes to shop. Man or Woman. Whatever it is they like to shop for. I find it interesting though that when someone says shopaholic, it’s quintessential for them to think it’s for shoes or clothes and it must involve high-end shopping. I define being shopaholic in a broader way. Anyone who likes to shop for something, i.e clothes, shoes, gadgets, tools, cars, furnishings, sales, etc.

So if you you really think about it, When Men get excited about Home Depot or Sears Tool Dept, or the prospect of a huge screen TV, or a new car, or a new set of golf stuff (whatever you wanna call it), new camera (everyone is a photographer these days), the new iPhone,  a new grill or a ride-on mower, I think it’s safe to say, they’re being shopaholics. It not just about clothes or shoes.

Only snotty people will consider shopping for designer items as the only definition of being a shopaholic. There’s actually a new name for that. If you prefer GUCCI, Armani, LV, a yacht, jaguar and the lots, you’re a LUXAHOLIC! But shopping for anything you like, high-end or bargains, whatever they maybe is called being a shopaholic in my book. So there goes the theory that Men suddenly became the new breed of shoppers. Uhmm, actually, they’ve always been.