If Urban Outfitters didn’t have such an irritating business model (find a trend and projectile vomit it all over young urbanites!), I might feel sorry for them, because they are really struggling with the concept of not offending people with the clothing they sell.

First, they got sued over t-shirts that had a picture of a spread-eagle teenager. Then they found themselves being reamed (and rightly so) for this “Navajo” line.

And now, they’ve gone and offended another entire group of people — the Irish. The chain store has been capitalizing on the utterly hilarious stereotype that all Irish people are drunks for years now, and this time around, the Irish are fighting back. In response to hats that read “Irish Yoga: Downward Facing Upchuck” and t-shirts that say “Irish I Were Drunk,” Congressman Joe Crowley of New York issued a public statement requesting that Urban Outfitters take the items in question off their shelves.

He told the Irish Voice that, “By selling and promoting these items, Urban Outfitters is only fueling stereotypes that many Irish Americans, as well as the people of Ireland, work so hard to dispel.”