Did any of you catch Barack Obama being sworn in at the 44th Presidential Inauguration today? It was so exciting! I can’t believe that I have witnessed such an important moment in history, where an African-American is the President of the United States.

The ceremonies were great and we saw a heart-warming performance from musical legend Aretha Franklin, and boy did she ever make an appearance. Her hat really stood out. As you see below, the bow on her hat should have it’s own postal code!upiphotos909483-Obama-Inauguration

Like they say, “big is beautiful!” According to the LA Times, Aretha actually got her hat from Mr. Song Millinery in Detroit where Luke Song makes ladies hats. This one has lovely Swarovski crystals putting this hat at a retail price of $179! Although, she got this in Detroit, Mr. Song also sells some of his work at places like Brasseur, Donna Vinci, Maxi, PJ’s, Hat Library, Jean Nobles and Pam Imports in Los Angeles.

Image: Newscom