ariana grande gets her clothes from a sex shop

Quick– make a mental list of all the celebrities who might get their clothes from sex shops! You’re thinking Adam Lambert, maybe Christina Aguilera, a younger Madonna, probably Prince in his hayday. Now erase everything you know about the universe and make room for this ridiculously fun fact: Ariana Grande wears fetish costumes on stage.

Yes, Ariana Grande, that tiny doe-eyed Nickelodeon princess who does the Mariah Carey vocalizations and won’t shut up about being vegan. The pint-sized singer told The Mirror,

Brigitte, my stylist, always turns up with her arms full of cool outfits; I don’t even know where she gets them from. Once, we were shopping for Halloween costumes with a friend of mine and we accidentally ended up in a sex shop. The girl who was working there was like, ‘Oh, I make your costumes!’ I was like, ‘What?’ and she said, ‘Yes, this is where Brigitte gets your outfits from!’

First of all, “we accidentally ended up in a sex shop.” Alright, 20-year-old former child star. I’m sure it was a horrible accident. Second of all, how adorable is she? Grande adds to her Mirror interview,

There were S&M clothes hanging from the rails and everything. But I can’t complain because the dresses look really good on stage.

Yeah, she really does consistently looks awesome. She’s got that I’m-a-charming-little-colorful-pixie look that I always wanted to emulate in high school. I guess I was wasting a lot of money on hot pink Manic Panic– who knew I could achieve the same style at a fetish store? I might have to hit up my local skeeve shop and pick up some new wardrobe pieces.


Seriously, I can’t get over the fact that the bubbly-peachy-innocent best friend character on Victorious, who probably gets her hair done in the morning by little cartoon birds, is modeling kinky lingerie to teenage concertgoers. Too funny to handle. Cannot deal. Go with god, Ariana.

Via The Mirror / Photos: Shutterstock, Tumblr