When some babies poop, parents want diapers they can dispose of afterwards. Those parent seem pretty modern and efficient. Some want cloth diapers they can clean and re-use. Those parents seem either environmentally aware or cost conscious. And then there are parents who seemingly want Armani diapers, and those parents seem completely batshit insane.

So insane that we were inclined to believe the entire thing was a hoax. But then, fashion is for the young.

However, according to Jezebel:

in the world of fashion licensing, strange things can happen. If you want to talk unlikely products, Valentino once made toilet-seat covers stamped with the brand’s logo. After a license is granted, sometimes even the designers themselves are surprised by the products on which the brand name ends up emblazoned. The New Yorker happened to be visiting Donatella Versace when the designer spotted an ad for a tacky, pink Versace watch, placed in American Vogue by a licensee. Versace burst into tears when she saw it.

And, after the online ad showing Armani-diapered babies clambering around started eliciting comment on fashion and mommy blogs, we got a tip this morning purporting to show the ad (tag-line: “When only the best is good enough”) running in print in an issue of Russian Tatler.

Look, it does run next to an ad for Kermit’s fine jewelry line, so it still seems like it could be a hoax. Probably. It could, indeed, very likely be a hoax. But if it’s not, it’s so fantastic, and so terrible.

Picture via Armani