Giorgio Armani at the The Haiti Carnival Benefit at the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival. Miuccia Prada at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Armani Prada Fight

In the process of stumping for Milan Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani has taken time to throw some serious shade at Miuccia Prada for failing to do the same.

Armani has previously said he thinks Italian designers should support their Fashion Week by showing only in Milan. Milan doesn’t quite get the same excitement that a Paris or a London does, and it doesn’t do the event any favors if its biggest names take off and show elsewhere.

Prada shows in Milan, but Miu Miu shows in Paris. Miuccia Prada said last week that she just couldn’t have both shows in Milan. Couldn’t be done!

“It’s the way we work, it’s impossible. Nobody does it,” she said. (For point of reference, Miuccia Prada also said recently that she couldn’t cast older models in her shows because she was too afraid.)

Without naming Prada specifically, Armani basically said it was too possible to do two shows in Milan, and she was being a big baby about it.

“Someone said there was not enough time to produce two runway shows during the same week, but this is a motivation that does not [satisfy] me — I do it,” he said.

As part of his efforts to revitalize Milan Fashion Week, Armani says he’ll be hosting one emerging designer’s fashion show there every season in an effort to promote and cultivate Italian talent. Will Prada also start helping the next generation of Italian designers get their footing? Maybe if it’s not too scary.

Via The Cut/Photos: WENN