I had the opportunity to interview Kyra Crilly from the Ghost Ship  jewelry at Etsy. I found her shop on Friday and I fell in love with her work. Each piece has this romantic feel – in part from the vintage sea glass itself, which is frosty and beautiful and rare, but also the settings are delicate, with accents of pearl and silver filigree .

Kyra is new to the glass and has only been operating her shop for a couple of months. She wrote a piece about working with the glass, called The Art and Meditation of Drilling Sea Glassthat you can read at Etsy.  Please look at a few examples of her work below and then read Part One of her interview. I’ll share Part Two, along with agorgeous commissioned piece of Kyra’s work with you tomorrow.


Fisherman’s Treasure


Lobster Trap


Ice Caps

PBN: How did you get started with the sea glass?

Kyra: At work one day a few months ago, a colleague showed me a beautiful sea glass bracelet she had made for herself. I had never seen sea glass before, and I immediately fell in love with the frosty gems. Shortly thereafter, I had some kind of epiphany of wanting to start my own jewelry line, and GhostShip was immediately born.

I started to collect sea glass from my local beach, and was amazed that I had never noticed these found treasures before. Before I knew it, I had beach combed some really rare pieces – pieces from vintage blue coke bottles, beautiful opaque vintage milk glass and even those that came from Depression glass in the 1930’s.

I loved the history behind each piece, and the romance and mystery of wondering where they came from and who used it and for what purpose – an old apothecary jar, a filigree perfume bottle stopper, an ornate vase that may have sat in someones dining room table in the last century.

I was so inspired that literally within a month’s time, I designed the entire GhostShip line and opened up my shop on Etsy.
Thank you, Kyra! Check back tomorrow for Part Two of Kyra’s interview.

Image credit: GhostShipshop at Etsy.com