We may never have the exact closet that Cher had in Clueless, but it’s always fun to dream, isn’t it?

But wait! The dream is over and now can be a reality, you say?

Thank you. 

When the movie came out in 1995, it had fashionistas foaming at the mouth and wiping drool from the corners as we all stared in awe at the glorious 1990’s fashion that was pretty much the star of the film. The 90’s may be long gone, but the fine people at The Coveteur have created one of the most fun Clueless-related shopping games to ever exist!

If you head over to The Coveteuryou can use their very simple system to get your own Cher-inspired outfits. With a montage of stills from the movie, you just drag your mouse over it and you have the option to “Shop this look.” If it’s the look you’ve been waiting for since you first saw Clueless, you’ll be led to the direct site where you can buy the pieces in their most current 2012 form. It’s amazing, it’s hours of entertainment and will more than likely burn a whole in your wallet as I have already discovered in the last 20 minutes of doing “research.”

See? Shopping made so easy!

In addition to all this shopping, you’ll also be inundated with the best quotes from the movie. It really is the only way to spend the rest of your workday.

Photos: The Coveteur