Ashley Benson Throwback Photo

It doesn’t matter that it technically isn’t #throwbackThursday. Ashley Benson uploaded an old photo of Instagram from when she was 15-years-old. (Remember Ashley actually isn’t a teenager. She’s just a 25-year-old who plays one on Pretty Little Liars.) In the picture, Ashley is posing in with two friends, and her outfit is classic early-to-mid 2000s fashion. All she needs to do is throw in a pair of flip flops and maybe another layered shirt and it will tick all of the boxes in the 2000s style guide.

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Ashley is wearing the popular asymmetrical, gathered skirt, that was a closet staple, in addition to floral frilly cotton skirt. She’s wearing a coordinating white top with pink stripes, and since the 2000s were the decade of the of the statement earring, Ashley has on a pair of dangly ones. She’s holding a denim jacket (another staple) and, a flip cellphone, the telltale indicator that this isn’t 2015. (Her friend has one too.) Remember those phones, with the black-and-white screen and the internet that takes 20 seconds just to connect? Ah, memories. I’m disappointed that there isn’t a visible logo bag, preferably a knockoff Louis Vuitton monogram bag, but that could have been another photo.

Are you feeling nostalgic yet? Or are you cringing at what your old 2000s photos of you wearing a Juicy Couture velour track suit must look like? Ashley looks sweet in her photo, but I’m sure there are lots of us who are very thankful that selfies didn’t become popular until trucker hats and cropped leggings with lace at the hem stopped being closet staples.

(Photo: Instagram/ItsAshBenzo)