Ashley Judd now has her own clothing line. You can find them at Goody’s. It’s one of my favorite stores. I’ve digged quite a lot of my stylish bargain haulages there like my black polka dot wrap dress and the tan version few months later. Right now, the Ashley Judd Collection is a little expensive for my pocket, ranging from $50 to $20. But I’m sure in a few months there will be some items on sale. I’ll check out her collection sometime next week to see what she’s got. Meanwhile, you can check the collection yourself by visiting Goody’s Online.

By the way, a portion of the proceeds from the Ashley Judd Collection will be donated to Good Deeds for Schools. A community-based initiative that awards select schools $10,000 to fund the projects of their choice. Being a humanitarian is one of the many things I’ve always liked about Ashley so I’m not surprised with this shopping incentive at all.

Have you seen her collection yet? Let me know what you think. :)