skorch mag

(Instagram/Ashley Nell Tipton)

2015 was a surprisingly good year for magazine covers. We witnessed the return of the supermodel to the September issue, more than a handful of colorful, futuristic shoots, and, of course, there was Serena Williams‘ Sports Illustrated cover honoring her position at the Sportsperson of the Year. With just a few days left to round out the year, there’s one more cover that just might reign supreme: Project Runway Season 14 winner and plus size designer Ashley Nell Tipton‘s Skorch Magazine cover

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Where do I even begin? Everything from the beauty (do you see those purple eyebrows??) to the styling is superb. I always love seeing women wearing bralettes and high-waisted skirts—it’s a personal favorite outfit of mine considering how flattering it is—and, even more, I love that the stylists behind the shoot allowed Ashley to embrace her body type rather than hide it, as so many major fashion magazines choose to do.

And the fact that it was Skorch Magazine that treated Ashley and her size with such respect is really no surprise. The publication self-identifies as “the most body diverse mag in the world,” with the August 2015 issue standing out in particular: it featured editorials from all over the world highlighting body positivity, with the cover focus on Callie ThorpeGeorgina Horne, and Danielle Vanier, three plus size bloggers from the UK. Sure, they’re not the only publication to start focusing on the #fblogger world, but Skorch is one of the few that treats plus size women as equals in the fashion world.

The other great thing about this cover? It was styled using completely-attainable pieces. The sequin shrug is from Kute & Kurvy, and the skirt, bralette, and other pieces from the party looks in the shoot are from brands like Torrid and Society Plus. Sadly, none of the pieces were of Ashley’s own design, but it’s always nice to see a Project Runway winner staying in the spotlight after the cameras stop rolling. The only designer of any real prominence to stay in the limelight like this from previous seasons (to my knowledge, at least) is the love of my life Christian Siriano. She told Skorch of her plans for the future:

“Just expect that I’m turning this industry around making clothing that we’ve been wanting and needing. Also, it’ll be a reflection of garments that I’d wear, that I know other plus sized women would wear too!”

And honestly, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with.