Online shopping is fast and convenient, but it can also be frustrating and end up being a waste of time. If you’ve ever purchased something based on how it looks on the model in the photo, only to discover how different it is when you try it on, you will understand how irritating it can be. ASOS is seeking to make things easier by trialing new technology that lets shoppers see what a piece of clothing look like on different body shapes.

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The technology has been quickly noticed by ASOS shoppers and they are taking to social media to show their support. ASOS has revealed in a few different Twitter comments that the brand is working with Zeekit, to digitally impose the same outfit on models of different sizes. Obviously, it’s not going to 100% accurate as someone actually wearing the look, but it’s a brilliant start.


The technology is currently only visible when browsing through a mobile device or on the ASOS app, and it’s not available on all outfits. ASOS hasn’t announced what its plans are with the app, the number of models they would like to include or whether they will be expanding it to include every single item. On the pieces that showcase the technology, they show the looks on three different models.

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Seeing clothes on any body is extremely helpful when it comes to making a purchase decision, but seeing them on a range of bodies can help us get a clearer idea of what something will look like on ourselves. We’re crossing our fingers that this is just the start of big things for ASOS and that other brands will get inspired.

(Photos: ASOS)