man-like-meNever forget to turn off the sound on your computer when shopping online at work, because websites are getting more musical than ever, and not necessarily in a good way.

Fashion site ASOS already has its own in-house label for cut-rate clothes, and apparently it’s decided to have a band now. We can understand the motivation; everyone at some point decides they want to start a band. (I went through a similar phase and lent my arrhythmic tambourine skills to a garage band for several years back in high school.) In a few years, if the pattern holds, we fully expect to see ASOS decide to open a bar with its friends.

But for now, according to the Daily Mail, for the next two months visitors to ASOS will be treated to the questionable experience of hearing the new ASOS house band, Man Like Me, playing out of their speakers.

Man Like Me has a campy, funny style and is rocking some slick, shiny gold matching suits in their first video, for a song called LOLROFLOMFGLMFAO. A new song and video will be released every Friday on the ASOS site for the next two months. We’re not entirely sure how these music videos will convince us to buy more clothes from ASOS, but other songs will be about things like finding money in the back of one’s couch, wrapping presents, and posting pictures of one’s pets on the Internet, which does sound like fun.

Before signing on as the voice of ASOS, Man Like Me also starred in a musical Ikea ad.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Facebook/Man Like Me