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So, as you may or may not have been able to guess given my most recent experience with dating, I’m not exactly getting married any time in the remotely near future. But, since I enjoy pretty things and torturing myself, I still spend a pretty aggressive amount of time sifting through bridal gowns and decor ideas (though I’ve still managed to avoid curating a wedding Pinterest board). That’s how I heard about the upcoming ASOS bridal launch, in all of its gorgeous and affordable glory.

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According to Vogue UK, ASOS made the announcement early yesterday morning at its spring/summer 2016 press preview, and it will launch online (as is the case with all things ASOS, of course) in April 2016. As far as what you can expect from the range, they reported:

“Something of a bridal greatest hits, the collection comprises a range of silhouettes, including short, skater [dresses], strapless Grecian [styles], and more traditional high-neck, long-sleeved styles.”

And if you’re wondering about price point before you allow yourself to get hooked, Who What Wear reports that prices will cap out around $380. I don’t know if you know this, but that’s less than some fancier bridesmaid dresses, and it’s way less than some of the over-the-top (and honestly, sometimes hideous) pieces you see in high-end bridal shops like Kleinfeld. Vogue UK tweeted out a sneak peek of the collection, and from what we can tell, it looks pretty spectacular:

asos dresses

The fact that the piece on the left looks like it could be the top half of a two-piece wedding dress makes me a little nervous, as I’m a little bit more traditional in my bridal tastes and think two pieces should be reserved for bars and Taylor Swift, but the rest of what I can see looks pretty spectacular. I’m personally most excited to see the pearl-embellished gown and the beaded dress in action.

ASOS isn’t the first brand to make the foray into affordable bridal fashion. J.Crew released a simple, beautiful, and wildly successful wedding line several years ago, Lane Bryant has drool-worthy wedding gowns, and you can always find viable options on ShopBop and Ann Taylor. That said, we here at The Gloss are, and always have been, huge ASOS fans, and April can’t come soon enough.

Now all I need is to find someone who’s getting married so I can go shopping with them. It might be weird if I just pick some random stranger up off the street, right?

Check out the full edit of the ASOS bridal range on Vogue UK!