I’m being completely serious. And I know for many of us out there, owning a part of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon‘s wardrobe is pretty much a dream come true. Not only is she a rock legend, but a style icon. We may not all be able to pull off rockstar status, but with a piece or two from Gordon’s personal collection of clothing that she’s selling, at least we can pretend.

Lisa Hix of Collectors Weekly was one lucky devil when she realized that the store Mercy Vintage Now on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, California is selling 146 pieces from Gordon’s amazingly fantastic wardrobe. From September 1st through September 15th at 9pm PST, you, too, can own a piece of rock history. The items, ranging from $78-$450, have not only been worn by Gordon herself on several occasions, but if you know your Sonic Youth history well enough, you should even be able to place exactly in what videos or at what festivals the stuff was worn. You could actually make a game of it with your friends if you really know your Sonic Youth trivia.

But why is she selling these items? Doesn’t she want to keep her closet a shrine to her rock ‘n’ roll days? Well, as she explained to Hix:

“I was cleaning out my closet, and I didn’t want to go the eBay route,” Gordon explains in a quiet, humble voice. “I still have so many more clothes to get rid of, besides these. A lot of it is from my X-Girl clothing line. I don’t know if anyone is interested in it, though.”

Not interested? Kim! Do you not own a mirror? Do you not know who you are, but just how covetable your style is?

The collection has sizes ranging from 2 to 8, with most of the shoes being an 8.5 or 9. So maybe this isn’t the exact size bracket for everyone, but whoever said you couldn’t rock a size 9 pair of Kim Gordon’s hand-me-down shoes just because you’re a size 6 is a damn fool.

The two week-long event is co-sponsored by Refinery 29, and contains both designer and vintage pieces all of which have been worn by Gordon at some point or another.

Recognize it? Kim wore this Mayle dress in Sonic Youth's “Incinerate” video.

How about these Miu Miu hot pants she wore at the ArthurFest in 2005?

If you’ve never been to Oakland — it’s a great place, if I do say so myself — and now you have a legitimate reason to head there before September 15th rolls around. Of course you can also get them online, but I’m just suggesting that maybe you might need a trip to California.

Click over to Collectors Weekly to see even more of the great articles of clothing that could be right at home in your own closet, as well as Hix’s entire coverage of the Friday night preview.

Photos:  Megan Bre Camp/Collectors Weekly