Every time we see Aubrey O’Day, we become a little less surprised by the wretchedness of what she’s wearing. When she’s not looking like a total wreck at beachside photoshoots, she’s showing up on red carpets in deeply unflattering swimsuits. We’re beginning to suspect, actually, O’Day has figured out that the more of her bronzer-suffocated flesh she puts on display… the more headlines she’ll generate.

So. You win this round, O’Day, but you simultaneously lose this round because your outfit is appalling. From a head full of processed extensions and a mountain of make-up and fake lashes (Katy Perry looks natural by comparison) to a tiger-face monokini and studded lucite wedges (Courtney Stodden‘s?). Though nothing quite rivals her skin’s particular shade of burnt orange peel.

How, we ask, could this outfit be worse?

Of course. Dressing up your probably-terrified living fashion accessories. Let us vote:

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Even she knows it’s awful:

(Photos via Wenn)