Avril Lavigne makeover

Of all the musicians I listened to as an irritable middle schooler, Avril Lavigne is one I’m still admittedly a little ashamed of. This is not because she was any worse than the rest of the stuff I obsessed over — I f’ing loved Taking Back Sunday like nobody’s business, after all — but primarily because she hasn’t seemed to “grow up” along with everybody else. Or maybe I’m just being really judgmental, I don’t know. It’s probably just the eternal Hot Topic style and that tangled human wig Chad Kroeger, I think.

But! But, but, but. Lavigne’s makeover for the October 2013 issue of Bello Magazine is amazing. Behold:

Avril Lavigne Bello Magazine

Wonderful, right? Wearing a Prada coat, shirt from Top Shop, and shoes from Guiseppe Zanotti, Lavigne looks — well, awesome. The warm blush and sheer pink gloss are the perfect accompaniment to the outfit, while her thick black cat eye maintains some of Lavigne’s style in the overall getup.

Of course, putting on some pink plaid (as well as many other beautiful, interesting styles) isn’t inherently better than wearing ripped tights and red eyeshadow. Seriously — that can be done well. But it is amazing to see people transform in outfits you would never expect them to wear. Considering how many “rocker makeover” sort of photoshoots we see wherein a typically “picture perfect,” straight-laced star star puts on some spikes and wears a bunch of gooey eyeliner because it’s so ~*edgy*~, it is really interesting to see the opposite occur.

I am a fan of this look, though the pastel pink would perhaps be mildly nauseating in person. What do you guys think? Yay, nay or who-is-Avril-Lavigne-anyway?

Photo: Bello Magazine.