One of the best things about writing Hot Mama Daily is all of the cool fashionistas and designers I have a chance to meet, like Seville Michelle Anastos. The New Yorker recently launched her own shoulder jewelry called babette epaulette.

Find out more about the crafty stylist:

Designer Seville Michelle Anasots

Hot Mama Daily: How long have you been making the shoulder jewelry?

Seville: I came up with the concept in July 2009 and by October 2009 I designed the full line.

HMD: What’s your inspiration for starting the jewelry line?

Seville: I was working with a pop star, Nelly Furtado, and imagined all of the beautiful things I would love to create if I were her personal stylist. One of the concepts I envisioned was a drapery silhouette for the shoulder that would later become babettte epaulette.

babette epaulette

babette epaulette

HMD: Your shoulder jewelry would look hot on Rihanna.

Seville: I have pieces for Rihanna that I am waiting to make for her.

HMD: How long does it take to make each piece?

Seville: All of the pieces are handmade in Astoria, Queens. It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to create each piece.

HMD: What’s the significance of the name babette epaulette?

Seville: I came across the name babette a few months ago and I loved it. After showing my pieces to a friend, she reminded me that shoulder accents worn in the military are called epaulettes. And I like the way the name came together, babette epaulette.

babette is rock star ready!

babette is rock star ready!

HMD: Before you launched your own shoulder jewelry line, you were a stylist.  Besides Nelly Furtado, whom have you worked with?

Seville: I’ve been a wardrobe stylist for 5 years and an assistant art director for 2 years. I’ve worked in wardrobe for several MTV shows including “Brooke Knows Best,” and “Making the Band,” and on the films “Away We Go,” “Soulmen,” and “New in Town.”  As an assistant art director, I’ve worked with “The Real Housewives of New York,” among other [productions].

I can't wait to get my babette epaulette shoulder piece.

I can't wait to get my babette epaulette shoulder piece.

HMD: Where are the shoulder pieces available?

Seville: I’m in the process of getting into Patricia Field and building a shop on my site. I’m also in talks with a few of my favorite stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. They range from $110-$160.

HMD: Do you have plans to expand into making other types of jewelry?

Seville: My focus right now are the shoulder pieces, but I know this world is magical and I will follow the path that lights up in front of me!

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