emma-ears.jpgMy daughter got her ears pierced when she was 8 months old. We had it done at Claire’s. The major requirement for infants’s ear piercing is that they have gotten their 3rd month’s shots. For $22, Claire’s provided the the piercings, the pair of gold studs and cleaning set. With the studs, you can pick from either gold or silver. I would’ve picked the silver but since my Mother-in-Law paid for it, I compromised when she picked the gold studs. The lady at Claire’s will instruct you on the proper care of the ears pierced. Just kinda twist the earrings around, and pour a little bit of the antiseptic solution on a cotton ball then apply it on the ears, front and back, everyday for 6 weeks. After that period of time, you can change the studs into another set of earrings if you want. But for precautions, make sure to still use studs instead of hoops coz their little finger are very curious. You don’t want your baby sticking her finger into the hoop opening while she’s sleeping at night. So stick with studs until you are confident your baby girl doesn’t pull on her ears constantly. Also don’t worry about the earrings from Claire’s. I was hesitant on the gold pair coz I juust had a feeling my daughter is like me when it comes to fake golds. Claire’s infant studs are real so your daughter won’t be allergic to it. Plus the antiseptic will help out a lot. I had a pair of another gold earrings that I put on her ears after 6 weeks but it turned out not to be real so she had a problem with ’em. Now she’s back to wearing the gold studs from Claire’s. For anow anyway. I have 2 pairs of silver hoosp for her. One pair was a gift from her Godmother. My Mother-in-Law also bought her a pair of pearl studs. NIIICE. Once I’m confident she won’t pull on her ear too all the time, I’d put her in any of those new earrings.

Anyhooo, if you’re wondeirng where to get your baby daughter’s ear piercings done. go to your local Claire’s store. The handle kids as well. And make sure she’s had her 3 months shots done.

WARNING : Your Baby Will Cry, but she will be alright. Trust me, I was nervous as hell. I was glad my husband wasn’t with us coz if he heard her scream he would’ve stopped the whole thing. I do believe it’s better to get their ears pierced before they turn 1 yr old. Babies skin and pains tend to heal faster.