Mississippi parents are furious over a onesie being sold at a store called Gordman’s in Southaven. The piece features a cartoon bikini print, not unlike the kinds you see in novelty stores and on fratty types. An Action News reporter named Michael Clark was on the case, saying that the onesie’s tag says “right on the front… that it’s for 18 month old girls.” He brought the onesie around Southhaven and (seemingly) ambushed parents in parking lots to get their opinions:

“I feel it’s very inappropriate for an 18-month-old girl,” said one parent.

After an email from a concerned viewer, Action News 5 took to the streets to see what other parents had to say.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for a small child,” said parent Cathryn McKee. “I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on your child.”

Saddie Webb said it’s a sign of the times. “I could be 18-years-old and that would never be allowed in her house, ever.”

Laura Faulkner has a little boy who is 19-months-old and said if she saw one of his playmates wearing one of the controversial onesies, it wouldn’t go over very well.

Although we’re not crazy about bikinis on babies… this isn’t one. It is, in fact, a completely unsexual cartoon print. A few parents interviewed for the story also noted that it wasn’t that big a deal.

However, when Action News manufactured this non-controversy, it led to this terrific image of the reporter in question:

Which about sums up the level of humor we’re working with on this post-holiday hangover.

Happy morning after the 4th of July, guys! Drink lots of water.