With GLEE Season 4 Premiering Tonight at 9/8c on FOX, it’s time to think long and hard about getting ready to head back to school. But what comes with heading back to school? What to wear, of course.

There are very few outfits out there that are both comfortable and cool, wouldn’t you agree? Look at your closet right now. Can you find anything in there that falls into those two categories? Probably not. Enter: the track suit. Yes, the track suit. Easy on the eyes and no major thought in putting it together because it matches itself. It’s like the outfit that keeps on giving.

So instead of associating track suits with something that went out of fashion, it’s time to embrace them once again. It’s time to bring them back! Not just for the sake of being fashion forward, but because they’re as comfortable as wearing pajamas. You can’t wear pajamas in public without being mocked, but track suits you can because they’re awesome. Just look at Sue Sylvester on GLEE! The woman is a fashion inspiration to us all.

Here are some others who rocked the track suit and rocked it well.

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