Looking for a new eco-friendly shoe lineSimple with their “shoes for a happy planet,” have a good selection made from green materials like organic cotton, eco-certified leather and suede, hemp, recycled tar tires, recycled inner tubes, and bamboo.

Simple uses a process they call Green Toe to develop a product that is as eco-friendly as possible. They strive for 100% sustainablity.  Here’s a quick explanation of their process:

Progress in Green Toe is measured with a scale called “good, better, best.” The best category represents our most sustainable shoes and bags and sets the bar for the rest of the line. Moving forward these same innovative materials and constructions will be found in the good and better categories, raising the bar for the best products. Pretty nifty, huh?

simple-satire-ribbon-laces-michelleHere are some cute back-to-school sneakers.

Okay, yes, I am out of school, but I still like the tradition of new sneakers in the Fall. These sneaks called, Women’s Satire Ribbon Laces  , are available in Bison (my favorite), White, Rosewine, and Charcoal.


simple-joe-curran-michelleHere’s a pair that reminds me of a swimsuit I talked about earlier in the Summer, my old OP one piece with the sunset on it.

The Women’s CARtwheel Jue Curran sneaks come in a Sunset or a Fisherman print and they are only $60. Very cute.


skippies-little-hearts-michelleI mentioned back to school and this Fall my niece, Trinity, is starting Kindergarten.

These look like perfect First Day of School shoes for that little lady. They are called Skippies Big Kids and they are available for big kids or in toddler sizes. Adorable.

Image credit: Simple Shoes.com