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Big news everyone ever: The Daily Mail has declared that backpacks are “back” in style. I would say that millions of school-aged children would argue that they never left, but I get your point. The DM breathlessly reports on this exceptionally revolutionary notion:

A Nineties favourite, the utilitarian carry-all has been given an upmarket make-over and become the surprise must-have accessory of 2014.


Look, I love backpacks. I’m normally carrying a giant water bottle, a book, a planner, fifteen pens, one pair of socks, sunscreen, a wallet, snacks, a Costco-size box of tampons, and about seven to ten pounds of receipts and gum wrappers at any given time. I hate the feeling of being off balance, and so I’m happy to carry around my truly inordinate amount of possessions that I need to have on my person at all times on my back.

I have a beat up JanSport from years ago, but I’ve been looking to get a more grown up version so that people stop asking me if I need help finding my mom. If you’re interested, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a sexy leather backpack (or $3,400 on the world’s ugliest version, or $55,000 on an arty one), but I rounded up 10 reasonably priced ones, instead.