Boy bands are back, as you know, but let’s give credit to the original, the trailblazer, the greatest of them all: the Bay City Rollers.

Anyway, here is what remains of the Backstreet Boys. They’re hanging out with one of the fetuses from One Direction. We couldn’t help but notice a few things–Nick Carter has lost some weight! Brian Litrell can only smile sweetly as he has no other expression; Howie Dorough is still zzzzzzz as fuck.

Which brings us to our point: resident “bad boy” (really! he wears belly shirts!) AJ McLean is seen wearing a tee that says “Suck My Richard.” Richard?! Heavens! Where might we procure such a ribald garment?

Seriously. Belly shirts.

(Via One Direction‘s site, which I refresh compulsively throughout the day)