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There were lots of fashion trends from the 2000’s that we now look back and think, “What was I ever thinking?” Case in point: Wearing dresses over pants and the whole boho thing. Forget the embellished jeans and tracksuits for a second and let’s talk accessories. You couldn’t call yourself a fashionista unless you had the right accessories. A trucker hat, a chunky belt worn low on your hips and a pair of bug-eyed sunglasses were some of your favorites. However, you would never say “no” to a forehead band or an armful of bracelets.

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Let’s remember all of the creative ways we decorated our bodies in the 2000’s:

1. The “It’s For My Forehead, Not Hair” HeadbandNicole Richie

You can blame Blair Waldorf and the boho craze in the 2000’s for headbands being a key accessory. Towards the end of the end of the decade, everyone started thinking it was a great idea to wear your headband on your forehead. It may have made your forehead look smaller but it also gave you an awkward tan line, and it did not conceal your greasy roots.

2. The “My Scarf Belt Is Cooler Than Your Sparkly Buckle Belt” Avril Lavigne signs copies of her new album 'The best damn thing' at Virgin MegastoreLos Angeles, California - 19.04.07Where: United StatesWhen: 19 Apr 2007Credit: Fabrizio Picco/WENN

There are many ways you can wear a scarf. There was no rule about only wearing your scarf around your neck. You were looking for ways to up your belt game and thought it was a genius move to put your scarf through your belt loops and tie a bow with a long tail. You thought it looked so cool, minus the times your belt tails got stuck in doors or when they awkwardly wrapped around your legs.

3. The Completely Impractical Fingerless GlovesRihanna

It was the start of fall and you were very eager to buy new season clothes. The thrill of seeing all the new stock, comprimised your judgement and you thought it was completely reasonable to purchase fingerless gloves. You thought they would make you look all edgy but you looked like a sad attempt at a Michael Jackson impersonator or someone who completely missed the point about gloves.

4. The “Can You Hear Me Coming?” Armful Of BraceletsJennifer Lopez arriving at the Hyatt Hotel parking garage for the Echo Awards the following day Where: Berlin, Germany When: 24 Mar 2007 Credit: Stefan Trautmann / WENN

Everyone knew that “boho” was short for “bohemian” but you were also pretty sure that is translated somewhere to “wear as much jewelry as you can before you collapse from the weight of it.” You didn’t need to tell anyone you were on your way to meet them, they could hear the ten thousand bangles on your arms clacking from four blocks away.

5. The Grunge-Meets-Surgical StockingsLindsay Lohan

A little black dress/romper was the perfect canvas for some serious accessorizing. “Minimalist” wasn’t a phrase in your vocabulary. A shorter hemline meant you could wear any of your tight options, from patterns to thick-but-still see-through tights to the cropped stockings you sometimes wore a fishnet armbands. They worked on your feet and your hands…or so you thought.

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6. The “I Secretly Don’t Get The Point But It Looks Cool” Armband Rocker Gwen Stefani of No Doubt at the 2001 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards at the Hammerstein Ballroom.WENNWhere: New York, New York, United StatesWhen: 19 Oct 2001Credit: WENN

From your wrist to your elbow was prime accessory real estate. The goal was to cover up your arms with as much stuff as possible. On the days when your muscles were aching from your bracelets, you wore armbands. If you were really cool, you wore one armband and a stack of bracelets on your other arm. Then you probably added a bikini top over whatever you were wearing just because.

7. The “What Is That?” Fuzzy Hair AccessoryMary Kate Olsen

Headbands weren’t the only popular hair accessory in the 2000’s. If you could stick anything in your hair, you were on the right track. Shimmery butterfly clips were a must-have but so was anything furry or fuzzy. A hair accessory that looked like a bird or part of a Muppet was the definition of “style.”

8. The “I Wish I Could Go On Survivor” Bandana When: 11 Jun 2001 Credit: WENN

Everyone in the 2000’s had a marvelous hat collection, and part of that collection was at least five bandanas. There weren’t 30 different dry shampoos in the 2000’s the way there are now so lazy girls needed something to cover up their greasy boots. However, even if your hair was freshly washed, you still wanted to wear a bandana so you could pretend to be a Survivor contestant. You looked the part and didn’t have to eat any bugs.

9. The “I Don’t Know What It Is But I Put It On Anyways” AccessoryRihanna

Be honest: You had that one accessory in your wardrobe that you didn’t really know 100% what it was for. You thought it looked so cool that you didn’t really care what the proper use was. You bought it anyways and wore it on your blazer lapel because that was the obvious place for it to go…right? You didn’t know what it was called nor did you ever see anything else like it on the street so wearing it made you feel like Carrie Bradshaw.

10. The “This Ain’t For Winter” Skinny ScarfMischa Barton and boyfriend Taylor Locke leaving the Metropolitan Bar London, England  - 23.05.08 Where: London, United Kingdom When: 31 Dec 2007 Credit: WENN

Chunky scarves were for keeping warm in the winter but skinny scarves were for when you wanted to look like an off-duty model in the summer. You thought when you artfully wrapped one around your neck, it looked effortless, or about as effortless as it can look when you’ve spent 10 minutes trying to arrange a thin scarf that looks like a drapery tie-back around you neck.

11. The “I Don’t Need A Necklace” TieSERENA WILLIAMS at the The Bourne Supremacy world premiere held at the ArcLight Cinema. Hollywood. 15.07.04Where: United StatesWhen: 16 Jul 2004Credit: WENN

If you were an Avril Lavigne fan, you definitely wore a tie. You weren’t allowed to join the fan club if you didn’t. You thought you were being all cool and effortless when you wore it but the way you kept grabbing it and waving at people may have changed that.

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