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When we look back at the 2000s, we realize the decade had a lot of questionable fashion trends. See UGG boots paired with velour tracksuits and trucker hats. One massive trend was boho. We can try and blame the Olsen twins or bohemian poster girl Sienna Miller for igniting the floppy hat and fringe craze but it wasn’t all their fault. All we know for sure is that suddenly everyone wanted to dress like they were going to Coachella 24/7. There was no such thing as over accessorizing and there was always room for one more prairie maxi skirt in your closet.

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Here are all of the awkward ways we wore the boho trend in the 2000s:

1. The “I’m Too Fancy To Wear A Real Floral Headband” BohoMischa Barton walking her dog after having lunch with a friend at Joan's on 3rd Los Angeles, California - 02.11.08 When: 02 Nov 2008 Credit: Owen Beiny / WENN

Who are we kidding, you wouldn’t have actually worn a headband with real flowers. That would have been taking it a step too far. You would have looked ridiculous. It was much more sensible to wear a headband with plastic flowers. Too bad you never considered the awkward tan lines.

2. The Layer Whatever The Heck You Like BohoSIENNA MILLER goes shopping in New York

The first rule of boho dressing: Wear everything in your jewelry box. The second rule: No combination was too wild including a granny slip with skinny jeans and chunky gold jewelry.

3. The Throw A Jacket On It Business BohoKate Moss

If you put on a black blazer, you thought your boho look was appropriate for all occasions. It didn’t matter that you were wearing a floaty shirt with a belt around it masquerading as a dress, you had a structured jacket and that made everything business-appropriate.

4. The 50% Accessories, 50% Body Ratio BohoNicole Richie

Accessories were essential for any proper look. Not only did you have to make sure that you had the right amount (read: as many as possible) but you had to make sure they covered up as much of your body as possible. If you could carry a six-year-old in your bag and still have room for your things, it was just the right size.

5. The Everything Counts As A Tunic BohoLindsay Lohan

In the 2000s, it seemed like any floaty top could pass as a tunic, and we all know that you don’t have to wear pants with tunics. Too bad you didn’t realize that a loose top and no pants on a windy day was a guaranteed wardrobe malfunction.

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6. The “I Don’t Need A Floppy Hat” BohoHilary Duff

Floppy oversized hats remain a bohemian essential, but the beret also became a popular boho accessory. It was only logical since everyone knows a knitted hat looks great with your printed tank tops.

7. The “I’m Calling What I Already Have In My Wardrobe Boho” Boho3466PCN_Ashley

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You may not have had a pair of cowboy boots or a few tunics in your closet, or the budget to buy them. You didn’t worry because you could still achieve the look by wearing random pieces from your closet and pretending it was boho 2.0.

8. The Stick A Belt On Everything BohoSIENNA MILLER at the premiere of Layer Cake held at the Electric Cinema London, England - 23.09.04 Where: London, United Kingdom When: 23 Sep 2004 Credit: WENN/Z.TOMASZEWSKI

You had to fulfill your accessory quota and you weren’t going to give up wearing a belt just because you had a loose top on. The solution? Taming that tunic with a low-slung belt.

9. The “Is This How You Wear A Tunic?” BohoParis Hilton

Did you wear it with pants or without? Did you wear it with leggings or shorts? Tunics were so confusing. You tried a lot of different looks but the things that remained constant were your headband and hopeful grin that you had finally nailed the boho trend.

10. The “I’m Not Really Sure What Boho Is” BohoKim Kardashian

Could you have defined boho in the 2000s without saying “Sienna Miller?” Can you even define it now? You weren’t 100% sure how to achieve the look but figured if you threw on a few random accessories that was good enough.

11. The Never Take Off Your Boots BohoAshley Tisdale at Neil George hair salon

Some boho lovers wore gladiator sandals until the soles ripped in half. Others were so dedicated to their boots that they would wear them every single day of the year. A bit of foot sweat wasn’t going to get in the way of a hippie fashion statement.

12. The Headband Makes Everything Bohemian BohoMiley Cyrus visits church

If you were confused about how to convey a boho look, you knew that if you put a headband around the middle of your forehead you would instantly transform into a bohemian. It didn’t matter if the rest of your look was as far from boho as you can get, the headband made it pure boho.

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