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There are numerous ways to wear a scarf and some are better than others. The scarf was an essential accessory in the 2000’s along with a boho hat, UGG boots, and a chunky belt. A scarf could be retro, boho, or sk8er gurl, depending on how you tied it and what you wore it with. It looked as good with your wool jacket as it did with your frayed shorts and slogan tee…at least, you thought so.

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Let’s remember all the ways we wore scarves in the 2000’s:

1. The “I Don’t Care What The Weather Is Like” ScarfKelly Brook wearing denim shorts and a huge cream scarf leaving the Noel Coward Theatre, where she stars in the West End production of 'Calendar Girls'London, England - 24.11.09Where: London, United KingdomWhen: 24 Nov 2009Credit: WENN

Scarves were for all seasons. You wore thick wool ones in the winter and in the summer you tied light cotton and silk ones around your neck and called it “boho.” When the seasons were changing, you threw a scarf over whatever you were wearing and thought you had nailed trans-seasonal dressing.

2. The “I Can’t Be Bothered With The Ends” ScarfKim Kardashian

You knew a million different ways to tie a scarf but you were always left wondering what to do with the ends (and the tag). Thankfully someone invented circle scarves. You could just wrap it around your neck without wondering whether you should stick the ends down your top or tie them into one big knot.

3. The “It Doesn’t Matter You Forgot Your Umbrella” ScarfKelly Osbourne leaving Volstead nightclub.

Caught in the rain without an umbrella? No problem. You could just drape your scarf over your head and your hair would be protected. Or, well, at least for a little while. That cotton scarf wasn’t waterproof and couldn’t protect your blow dry from torrential showers. At least you looked chic getting soaked.

4. The Pre-Dry Shampoo Headband ScarfParis Hilton and Nick Carter attend a party at the third annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Tournament at the One &Only Ocean Club Golf Course on Paradise Island, in The Bahamas.  9.1.04 When: 29 Jan 2004 Credit: WENN

We are addicted to our dry shampoo now but in the days before there were 10 different dry shampoos at the drugstore, we had to come up with more creative ways to disguise our greasy roots. Enter the headband scarf. You could skip washing your hair and it made you look like a socialite who was about to jet off to Ibiza.

5. The Extremely Clever Belt ScarfAvril Lavigne signs copies of her new album 'The best damn thing' at Virgin MegastoreLos Angeles, California - 19.04.07Where: United StatesWhen: 19 Apr 2007Credit: Fabrizio Picco/WENN

The day you felt inspired to put your scarf through your belt loops made you seriously consider a career in fashion. It was pioneering moves like this that would make you successful. The next day you decided you could pull off wrapping the scarf over your pants and tying it around your waist in a luxe fortune teller way.

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6. The “I Wish I Wore A Cardigan” ScarfRosario Dawson in Rockefeller Plaza after appearing on NBC's 'The Today Show' Where: New York City, United States When: 06 Aug 2007 Credit: Patricia Schlein/WENN

On those brisk mornings, you were so thankful that you had a scarf artfully draped around your neck that could be repurposed into a cover up. There was no need for a jacket. You thought you looked like a grand dame. All that was missing was a small dog. You definitely did not look like a mummy. There were artsy layers happening.

7. The “I’m Freezing My Butt Off” ScarfRihanna arrives at Mahiki nightclub sporting a new hair colour London, England - 06.06.10 Where: London, United Kingdom When: 06 Jun 2010 Credit: WENN

You thought you were a fashionista who could suffer for fashion, no matter what. You were wrong. It was too damn cold outside to wear that dress. You took your scarf from around your neck and wrapped it around yourself. You were warm and you had found a new way to show off the color of your scarf. There was no way anyone could confuse your big scarf for a blanket.

8. The “To Tuck Or Not To Tuck?” ScarfLINDSAY LOHAN shopping with friends on Madison Avenue wearing sunglasses, a pink jacket, and boots New York City- 17.02.05 Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 17 Feb 2005 Credit: Vallenilla WENN **Only available for publication in USA, Australia**

You loved a long scarf that you could wrap around your neck at least two times but you never knew what to do with the tails. Sometimes you wore the scarf on the outside of the jacket so you just let them do whatever. When you wore it on the inside, you never knew whether it would look best if you tucked them down the front of your low-rise jeans or whether you should just let them stick out the front of your short coat.

9. The Attempt To Go Incognito Scarf

Lenny Kravitz

You didn’t have the paparazzi following your every move but sometimes you wanted to step out of the house to grab a coffee and not be recognized. You wrapped your scarf around part of your face and wore your sunglasses. Now no one would know who you were.

10. The “Who Needs A Necklace?” ScarfKylie Minogue leaving Movida Nightclub

You were getting a bit bored with your everyday evening look and wanted to switch it up. You thought you’d channel Old Hollywood by wearing a scarf around your neck and draped over your back. Wearing a scarf like a shawl was dated but this was retro glam and much more unexpected than a necklace.

11. The “I Didn’t Spent 10 Minutes Adjusting This, I Swear” ScarfNaomi Watts

Most days you just wrapped your scarf around your neck a few times then left the house. You wanted to try something different but couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to execute a perfect bow. You remembered all the chic ladies who wear their scarves at an angle with one tail draped over the back. You spent more time than you cared to admit trying to get the angle and drape just right only for your scarf to get caught in the cab door as soon as you left the house.

12. The Scouts-Approved Neckerchief ScarfGwen Stefani

You loved a tie a la Avril Lavigne, but you had no idea how to tie one properly, even after your dad showed you three times. You bought a short scarf, tied it a few knots and figured it was close enough that you could still call yourself a sk8er gurl.

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