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#Coachella is finished. The two-weekend long corporate music festival that draws rich pretend-bohemians from all over the country is, mercifully, over and done with until next year. Last weekend’s celebrity fashion show was predictably ridiculous, this weekend’s was actually a little more tame. Perhaps the attendees were exhausted from toggling to flash the peace sign while trying not to spill beer on their $2000 handbags?

Until next year.

Alessandra Ambroiso attends Coachella Festival 2013

This photo of Alessandra Ambrosio sums up everything about Coachella fashion. No, not the fringed bag, not the (Dolce & Gabbana, right?) eyelet shirt, not the oversized sunglasses or embellished cutoffs. The reason this is the most succinct expression of Coachella is that the model is wearing a panama hat, but carrying a floppy wide brimmed hat and a straw fedora.

Anja Mazur attends Coachella Music Festival 2013

Ambrosio brought her adorable daughter along.

Mischa Barton attends Coachella Music Festival 2013

Mischa Barton looked kind of bummed but we like her camel oxfords.

Mischa Barton attends Coachella Music Festival 2013

On the previous day, Barton wore a lot of different things. On a positive note, she is really pulling off the bold lipstick.

Cisco Adler attends Coachella Music Festival 2013

Remember Cisco Adler? No? Perfect.

Lucy Hale attends Coachella Music Festival 2013Lucy Hale wore a really cute printed dress (/romper?) and sandals. We’ll let the cross embellishments, piles of bracelets and Lolita glasses slide because at least she isn’t wearing a goddamn flower garland on her head.

Jessica Alba Attends Coachella Festival 2013

Jessica Alba surprised us by dressing like a normal person going to an outdoor show…

Jessica Alba attends Coachella Music Festival 2013

And impressed us with her low-key monastic look on another day.

Paris Hilton defines bad Coachella fashion at 2013 festival

Speaking of things that impress us: after all these years, Paris Hilton still manages to be the absolute worst.

(Photos via Wenn)