photoshop disaster hm tregging

Well that’s a bit embarrassing for whichever H&M Photoshopper turned in this hack job. He or she forgot to fully put the pants on the model, and instead left them hovering eerily a few inches to the left, so the belt juts out at a weird angle and emphasizes the fact that the shirt was also applied this way, and there’s a big slice of naked model butt visible on the right.

This is a particularly weird Photoshop disaster, because seriously, how does this even happen? According to PS Disasters, who found this work of art, this can happen when a company uses a corps of pre-generated naked model bodies and then dresses them up with pictures of the clothes like a big game of Paper Dolls. (This is one of the few jobs a person can apply for where putting 160 hours of playing the Barbie Dress Up video game on one’s resume is a good thing.)

PS Disasters points out that back in 2011 H&M got in a bit of a public relations problem when it was discovered they were using computer generated bodies to model their clothes. The designers would pick out a body, add a real model’s head, color the body in to match the skin tone of the head, and then paste on the clothes. While that sounds like a whole lot of work to go through to avoid taking a picture of a real person, it was actually less work for the Photoshop guys because the bodies were all identical, so you knew the clothes would go on perfectly.

It looks like the nice lady pictured above was supposed to get dressed the same way, but the Photoshopper got distracted and mistook where her ass ends.