The start of fall TV season is my favorite time of year. All my favorite shows have come back to me, and new shows have arrived to divert my attention for the next nine months. Along with new TV comes advertisements, and those bring more opportunities for terrible photoshop. But even knowing that, this bizarre ad for NBC’s new show, Bad Judge, is a surprising example of Photoshop hackery.

I can’t even tell what they were trying to do to series star Kate Walsh when something went horribly, horribly awry in the graphic design department. Were they trying to slim her legs? Shorten them? It looks like she has a dislocated hip, or like she is standing behind a fake desk with a pair of mannequin legs sitting on it. It’s stilted and weird and even the sexy open-toed booties don’t distract from it, and I really hate open-toed booties.

The thing that is most bewildering about this particular Photoshop hack job is that it was put together by NBC. I mean, we expect this type of disaster from questionable eBay sellers, but this is a major TV network attempting to promote a new fall TV show. Not only did someone have to make this picture, but countless other people had to approve it, sell it, buy it, print it, and put it out for our consumption.

Poor Kate Walsh. She deserves better than being stuck behind a pair of creepy disembodied legs all year.

H/T Photoshop Disasters