Bad Photoshop Katie Holmes Bobbi BrownPhoto editors never seem to know what to make of Katie Holmes. She’s beautiful and photographs well, but for some reason whenever we see her in ads or magazine covers, she’s almost always Photoshopped into something way less attractive and compelling than herself. In this case, that something is a creepy plastic murder doll that’s had too many fillers.

We love the red lips and the red dress she wore for Bobbi Brown‘s 2013 Holiday campaign, which is centered around Old Hollywood beauty. But someone got carried away when trying to smoothe out her skin, and by wiping away all expression, lines, and shadows from her face, they somehow managed to make her look way older than she does in real life.

In real life, Katie Holmes looks lovely, like this:

Katie Holmes Gravity premiere

Katie Holmes at the New York premiere of Gravity.

According to the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Facebook page, in the ad Holmes is wearing the Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation in Natural, but that ad does not make us want to buy foundation at all. Katie Holmes’ skin looks like she’s been dipped in peach-colored plastic and left to dry. The wax figures at Madame Tussauds looks more lifelike.

The weird thing is, the makeup itself is actually great. Bobbi Brown made a video to promote the holiday collection, and if you check it out over on YouTube you can see Katie Holmes wearing the makeup and how great she looked before someone went crazy with the blur tool.

Via The Huffington Post/Photos: WENN, Facebook/Bobbi Brown Cosmetics