Woman Models The World's Most 2-D Bathing Suit, Courtesy Of MS Paint And Photoshop

A model for the Polish retail site Diores has fallen victim to the power of two forces that are not inherently evil, but when combined can yield terrible results: photoshop and MS Paint. Sound the alarm indeed, my friends, because this can only bring about tragic and truly unattractive photos. In this case, it is actually an ad, therefore making the clothing, model and overall image obsolete.

It appears that the (already heavily-photoshopped) model was supposed to be wearing some type of one-piece bathing suit, but in actuality, she got stuck with a flat mess of the paintbrush tool. Here’s what the bathing suit is intended to look like:

Elegant blue swimsuit push-up cups with usztywnianymi and extra pillows that support the breasts and nicely it float to the top. Creases between the cups add to the charm and tempt the senses. Rear heavily cut with clasp at bust. Swimsuit in a light blue color with a sensual material invoiced in transverse stripes.Adjustable straps a little wider will adjust the pitch to the figure. Dress perfect for a pool or on the beaches attract the attention of its original color and interesting pattern.

Colors: blue (as pictured)

First of all, I desperately hope it is not “as pictured.” If it is, then that will be bad news bears for all my friends at the beach who weren’t expecting our day to turn into a 2-D “Take On Me”-esque afternoon where we all turn into little painted figures with spray can hair.

On the bright side, it isn’t like this is an instance of the model involved being photoshopped to death because of beauty standards that society and the fashion industry perpetuate, as has been the issue more times than any of us can even begin to count. I mean, even babies are no longer safe from getting their eye color, hair color, skin tone and possibly cheek chubbiness photoshopped. In this case, we’re just looking at a website that seriously phoned it in on changing the color of a bathing suit. While it is obviously a little sad-looking, I’ll take this over the aforementioned actually over-the-top photo editing in the name of beauty any day.

[h/t Photoshop Disasters]