thigh-gap-Bad-Photoshop-HMSometimes bad Photoshop leads us into the uncanny valley where a model looks almost but not quite like a person. Then we wind up zooming in and out and pulling out magnifying glasses because we know something’s wrong but we can’t exactly figure out where it is.

This one wasn’t quite that hard. At first glance, the H&M model is just an extremely slim and attractive woman. That’s to be expected; she is a professional model, after all. And she’s gorgeous. Just look at those eyebrows, and her lips. And how come when our hair looks like that, we just look messy and not glorious? It even looks like she escaped a lot of the Photoshop that she would have gotten from a place like Vogue, because she was allowed to keep her moles and even her armpits. But then as one’s eyes drift south, something starts to feel a bit off in our lizard brain.

Her legs give the impression that H&M’s Photoshop wizards heard about this newfangled “thigh gap” trend that all the kids are crazy for (and that has definitely been a focus of teenage disordered eating since at least the 80s) and just went nuts. It’s like she just got off a horse and left a sliver of her pelvis behind.

But then when one zooms in around the hands, it’s clear that someone shaved down the model’s hips so they appear to dart inward at a suspicious curve. If the line of her waist continued from where it was, it would reconnect with her body at mid-thigh, if at all. Photoshoppers of the world seriously need to learn that when they remove a body part from one area, they should not leave another part hanging.

Or, you know, maybe just lay off the Photoshop entirely. It’s not like a normal shaped pelvis would make us less likely to buy a cheap jersey tank top.

Via PSDisasters/Photo: H&M