photoI’ve been on a bit of a bad advice kick lately, the most recent manifestation of which has been asking friends and strangers alike one simple question: What is the worst fashion advice you’ve ever gotten? Here’s what they said.

1. “”Wear briefs with a miniskirt.” My friend told me to wear underwear I feel comfortable in so that I would feel more comfortable in my outfit as well. I ended up having what looked like diaper bottom problems O.O” —Rain Dove, androgynous supermodel

2. “I remember being told not to wear horizontal stripes because I would look like an overweight jailbird. That was fun.” —Sara Steinfeld, Associate Editor at The Gloss
3. “I was once looking for new jeans and they were too long and the sales associate told me I didn’t need to worry about getting them hemmed, I could just duct tape them. She then lifted up her pant legs to show me her horrendous duct tape job. They were also expensive jeans and this was in the 2000’s days of boot leg jeans.” —Heather Cichowski, Contributing Editor at The Gloss

4. “”It’s ok to look sloppy at the airport.” I disagree, so I developed an athleisure line that helps you look put together, even when you need to be comfortable for hours. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. You can dress cozy and still look put-together. You never know who you are going to meet either next to you on the plane or in an Uber pool!” —Elana Brynes, CEO of Kings of Cole

5. “I hate being told to always wear black or other “slimming” colors because I’m full-figured. Hiding your weight doesn’t fool anyone and it just makes you feel sad that you can’t wear the clothes you love. If you want to wear crop tops, form-fitting, or otherwise thin-designated clothes, wear ’em.” —Samantha Escobar, Beauty Editor at Good Housekeeping

6. “Worst advice ever: When you work in a startup, you should just wear sweatpants every day. I am a startup CEO but I put effort into how I look. Sure I work in the startup space, but investors drop by at a moment’s notice. If I can’t take care of myself, how can I take care of a company?” —Jessie Deye, CEO of the Gild Collective

7. “The worst was “Yes, that bridesmaid dress can be shortened and worn to the holiday party!”” —Joan Fradella

8. “The worst advice I received was from my boyfriend before I moved to China while he was already there. I asked about clothes and he replied with “This is not a fashion show, we’re traveling.” When I arrived, I found out quickly that the Chinese love to dress up way more than Americans, leaving me looking like a backpacker for a while.” —Monica Weintraub

9. ““Socks with sandals are okay. After all, the Romans did it!” and “Oh honey, there’s no such thing as too many sequins!”” —Shari Deutsch, Owner of The Strap Saver

10. ““Wear more pink, more red. And pair it with heels.” A client told me this while we were negotiating on a fine art sale. Followed by the statement that I’d “make more sales” if I followed these tips. I doubt the quality of this advice on its own (I personally prefer dark colors and believe a pair of sharp flats are just as stylish as heels and a lot more comfortable) but what makes it truly poor advice is that it was given unsolicited, during a professional interaction.” —Jennifer Goff, Content Marketing Specialist at Zebra

11. ““Try bubble nails —they’re trendy right now.” Have you seen them? They’re just dreadful.” —Sugarloom Cosmetics team

12. “Worst fashion advice (from a cosmetic salesman) I have been given is that everyone looks great in red lipstick. It’s a matter of testing out the tones against your skin color and picking for yourself what you like. One shade does not fit all.” —Jasmine Ines, Sin and Satin

13. ““You should try a more “natural” look.” Right. I love artifice and you’ll never get me out of red lipstick!” —Sonya Abrego

14. “”The bigger your hair, the smaller your butt.” This does not work, not even remotely.” —Cynthia Anderson, Editor and Photographer

15. “Whenever anyone tells me to buy capris I have to laugh. I’m 4’11 and a capri on me is the worst idea. I look like I’m wearing floods!” —Brianna Bell

16. “The worst fashion advice I got was actually from a stylist that we were working with on a model shoot. They were adamant about the fact that the more jewelry we layered on, the better it looked. Forget the fact that it looked like a mess, they were convinced it improved the shot. There is a balance of stacking and getting carried away. As Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” —Elissa Spektor, Love & Pieces

17. “I can hear my mother’s voice now: “Always buy quality over inexpensive.” Don’t get me wrong, there are times this is wise advice; however, this isn’t true across the board. Splurge a little on a handful of pieces that are long-term staples and can be worn for special occasions, but when it comes to your everyday essentials, like trendy tops, summer dresses or boyfriend jeans, don’t break the bank. Many of your everyday essentials will be outdated in a few seasons, so why pay for top quality when you won’t be wearing it next season? Go ahead and get what you can afford, even if the top is only $15!” —Elissa Nemecek, Owner of Red Blossom Boutique

So, dear readers, what’s the worst fashion advice you’ve ever gotten?