EE British Academy Film Awards - An Alternative View

All morning, we’ve been picking up the pieces of the Grammy Awards red carpet, trying to make some sense of all the ugliness. We figured we’d do the BAFTAs red carpet afterward as a palate cleanser, a present to ourselves. What we didn’t anticipate was how great the BAFTAs red carpet was on its own… not even compared to the Grammys!

Here’s a slew of beautiful ladies–Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Jennfier Lawrence, Amy Adams, Marion Cotillard–wearing some strong, interesting, even great looks.

You’re welcome!

Saoirse RonanWe really wouldn’t mind if every 18-year-old in Hollywood started dressing like Saoirse Ronan.

EE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet ArrivalsRemember when Esquire wrote that dreadfully sexist Megan Fox profile and author Stephen Marche chemical burned Amy Adams for no reason, calling her “perfectly plain”?

Well, here’s where he can shove it.

Anne Hathaway The BAFTAs were truly a ceremony of interesting dresses. Not every look was successful but none of them felt rote or obvious. Which made us happy!

We like Anne Hathaway’s cool, unusual dress, PS, and the shaggy way her pixie is coming in.

EE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet ArrivalsLongtime readers will know we despise peplums but… the intelligence and architecture (not to mention color palette) of Jennifer Garner‘s look is really selling us.

 Jessica ChastainJessica Chastain, you astonishing fox.

That’s your color, ps.

One more:

EE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet ArrivalsMore blue, lady. More blue forever.

Andrea Riseborough The color of Andrea Riseborough‘s dress was such a breath of fresh air!

Our only issue is that she’s just a touch too pale for canary yellow. Perhaps she could have opted for something more chartreuse, like…

Marion CotillardWe know Marion Cotillard has been wearing nothing but Dior couture, but we feel like she wore this one out of solidarity with Jennifer Lawrence (it too has the false panel that looks kind of like a wardrobe malfunction). Also, yes to everything here.

Gemma Arterton We think Gemma Arterton is such a babe but we can never abide dresses the same color as the wearer’s skin.

Sarah Jessica Parker We can’t remember the last time we freaked out over a Sarah Jessica Parker look but oh my god we love it! It fits so well! The shoes! Her sleek hair!

Less hand and wrist accessories next time, though, please.

Sarah SilvermanSarah Silverman looks glamorous, restrained.

 Jennifer LawrenceWe are in favor of Jennifer Lawrence’s pale pink embellished gown, her minimal accessoires and (especially) that slicked back hair (which never looks good when we try it at home).

Olga Kurylenko  Bond girl Olga Kurylenko looks elegant and interesting (even though we hate sequins). We love her minimal makeup and bold lip (a red carpet look that doesn’t involve piles of false lashes?!) and her lacey crewneck.

 Paloma Faith Paloma Faith dresses like a pinup Helena Bonham Carter.

Elizabeth OlsenWe are, sadly, not crazy about Elizabeth Olsen‘s figure-swallowing peplum thing. With respect to the Grammys red carpet, though, she’s solid gold.

 Hayley Atwell Another not-quite-success but an interesting falling short on Hayley Atwell.

Helen MirrenOh, and this one stopped by. Dame Helen Mirren has pink hair, wins the night.


(Photos: Getty)