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It’s in our nature to want what we can’t have, right? It’s the reason we crave cake while we’re dieting and probably all wish that Benedict Cumberbatch would be our collective husband. That’s why it always hurts so much when designers debut their spring and summer collections in the dead of winter—what good are those airy skirts and lightweight tops when I can barely pile on enough sweaters to keep me warm while somehow avoiding looking like Joey in that one episode of Friends when he wore all of Chandler’s sweaters? So, to Banana Republic, who just released the lookbook for their Summer 2016 collection, I say this: I appreciate the whole “giving us time to plan ahead” thing, but you need to chill. Also, you’re collection is beautiful. 

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After a rather disappointing year, both sales- and design-wise (the brand endured a 12 percent drop in revenue, and its creative director, Marissa Webb, was removed from the position), BR looks like it might be on the verge of a bit of a comeback. Webb got her hands dirty one last time for the newest collection, and it looks like she didn’t hold anything back for her grand finale. It’s full of workwear that’s trendy, not too boring, and workable for men and women of all ages (and anyone who’s ever shopping for professional clothes know how difficult a line that is to toe). There are bright lace dresses, neutral midi skirts, floral jumpsuits, and tops for any and every office dress code. Essentially, it seems like it’ll have everything you need for work come summer. Now if they could just find a way to make it seasonally appropriate to wear boots year round…

But I digress (we’ll get back to that dilemma later, I’m sure). Here are some of our favorite looks from Banana Republic’s Summer 2016 collection:

Professional Lace

lace dress

I often find it difficult to incorporate my bright, more summery pieces into my work wardrobe (and not just because the majority of my wardrobe is black). It just never seems all that professional, you know? The cut and shape of this dress ensures it’s office-ready nature, and you certainly won’t feel dull once your work hours are up.

Plaid Pants

plaid pants

I’m a sucker for all things plaid (I recently caved and bought the painterly heels from the Adam Lippes for Target collection), and I generally prefer to wear pants and a top over a skirt or a dress to the office, so these slacks are ideal.

Airy Button-downs

airy button downs

Excuse me, I’m going to have to go buy this shirt in every available print and color, because I’m never going want to take it off.

Bold Prints

bold prints

Again, this is a great way to bring bold prints and colors into your work wardrobe. I don’t think I’d suggest pairing this dress with matching shoes and a red blazer for the office, but to each their own, I suppose.

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Distressed Jeans


I’ve been looking for a good pair of distressed jeans that’ll last (Topshop’s MOTO jeans make me nervous), and these seem like the right choice. Plus, they hit right at the ankle, which is ideal for flats, heels, and ankle booties alike.

Your New Go-To Dress


Remember how I said I was more of a pants person? I could make an exception for this dress.

Summery Neutrals

summery neutrals

Hello, skirt that you’re going to be seeing everywhere come next summer. Nice to finally make your acquaintance.

You can see the entire collection here!

(Photos: Banana Republic)