Kaiser Karl’s daemon familiar speaks! Baptiste Giabiconi tells Dansk magazine why Karl Lagerfeld sprinkled magical star-making dust all over his scientifically perfect features:

“One day I went up to Karl and said: ‘Why me? What is it you see in me? Why do you only work with me?’ And he told me it’s because he sees something in me that he doesn’t see in other people, something in the way I carry myself. Karl said: ‘I see both a man and a woman in you at the same time.’”

Those upper-echelon fashion types really love that masculine/feminine tension, don’t they? And a star was born!

You can check out Baptiste posing (in meggings?) for Dansk‘s cameras over here or…

Full disclosure: this post is just an excuse to enjoy Baptiste’s Euro-pop opus, “Showtime,” which is what I plan to do for the next two hours. Approximately.

[youtube_iframe id=”Eu18tPkmOMs”]